WaterSMART Online Workshop

Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that I am a Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency (SCV Water) customer and am interested in improving my water use efficiency and conservation at my home/property by participating in the online WaterSMART Workshop. I understand that it is my option to participate in the WaterSMART Workshop and to implement all or part of the recommendations made as a result of the program. Any activities performed by me during or after participation in the WaterSMART Workshop are at the sole discretion, risk and cost to me.

I agree to hold SCV Water, its affiliates, licensees, partners, officers, directors, members, owners, shareholders, employees, agents and representatives of each, harmless from and against any and all claims and/or liabilities arising directly or indirectly from participation in the WaterSMART Workshop.

I recognize that participation in the WaterSMART Workshop does not constitute any representation or promise of any cost savings or results of any nature whatsoever and I release SCV Water from any and all claims or liability in connection with the program, actions, products, or offerings related to or described during the workshop. Additionally, I understand that the programs, rebates, incentives and offers described in this workshop are subject to change and are based on eligibility requirements specific to each program. Customers should visit SCV Water online at www.yourscvwater.com for up to date and current conservation program information.

I acknowledge that SCV Water will issue a $20 credit towards my water bill, within 90 days of completion of the workshop, pursuant to agreement to the terms and conditions listed above, verification of customer status and standing, and completion of the WaterSMART Workshop. Completion of the WaterSMART Workshop is verified by selecting the “Submit Workshop” button at the end of the workshop.