WaterSMART Online Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review common WaterSMART Workshop questions below.

SCV Water will provide customers that complete the WaterSMART Workshop with a $20.00 credit towards their water bill within 90 days of completion. 

Customers may continue to access their online account in order to review and refresh the useful information provided during the WaterSMART Workshop. However, each customer account is eligible for only one (1) $20.00 water bill credit.

Yes, if you move into a new home within SCV Water's service territory and have not completed the workshop using your new account number, you may retake the workshop and will be eligible for the $20.00 water bill credit.

Yes, you may take the WaterSMART Workshop even if you are not a SCV Water customer, however, you will not receive a $20.00 check upon completion.

Yes, you may log off and log in at any time throughout the process, however, if you do not complete the course within 30 days of your initial log in, you will be required to start over from the beginning of the WaterSMART Workshop.

Customers can also take the WaterSMART Workshop from a tablet or smart phone. However, if none of those options are available to you, SCV Water will be conducting live workshops periodically, depending on customer demand. Please contact our Conservation Team at 661-513-1244.

Contact our Conservation Team at 661-513-1244 or email your name and account number to [email protected]. Please make sure to add “Account Validation” to the subject line.

During the workshop, you will learn how to read your actual water meter, check your toilets for leaks, and read your water bill. To receive the most benefit from the WaterSMART Workshop, it is recommended that you take the workshop when you are at your home.